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Golf Club Custom Fitting and Club Making | Wisconsin

Madison, WI based club fitting, clubmaking and club repair specialist.

I will be fitting and club building in 2017 after the week of The Masters April 2017. If you need anything contact me!!!  Check the FGCC Blog as new content will be added often.

Custom fit, build, rebuild or repair to your needs.  With face to face one on one fitting!  All Clubs fit locally outdoors at range.  All FORE Golf Custom Clubs built one at a time with precision on-site.

…or if you need your clubs customized or adjusted with the goal to play better
thru repair, re-shafting, and grip sizing.

FORE Golf does all work by appointment ONLY!!!!  First come first served.

Professionally fitted clubs can positively help more than 90% of today’s golfers achieve visible game improvement. By pairing professional club fitting analysis with premium designed golf club heads, shafts and grips (like those engineered, designed and manufactured by Tom Wishon Golf Technology), golfers who shoot in the low to mid-80s to high 90’s can reduce their score between 3 to 10 strokes.

NEW 2017 Swing Science Custom Fit and Built Golf Clubs Available NOW!!!


Looking for a clubmaker that builds and fits with progressive methods?

Club blue printing, FLO (flat line oscillation) shafts/re-shafts, club re-gripping, club re-shafting, loft/lie adjustments, club matching MoI and swing weight, frequency and deflection shaft profiling and frequency and deflection shaft matching, True Length Technology fitting/building.  FORE Golf Custom Clubs is a certified MoI match and True Length Technology fitter/clubmaker.

Golf sets custom fit and built for the golfers skill set and golfers swing stats.

Emphasis on FIT!

Clubs fit and built for the players swing NOT the players swing skewed and changed to fit the clubs.

Wishon Golf – The Facts of Life About the Golf Equipment Industry

FORE Golf Custom Clubs is your local southern Wisconsin Wishon Golf TWGold dealer and MOI certified!  Swing Science Certified Fitting Center!

Contact also via e-mail