Impact Snap Golf Trainer

I thought, I would deviate from equipment discussion here and discuss a golf training aid that has been out for a number of years that many great golf teachers have been using.  It’s called The Impact Snap and was developed by Kelvin Miyahira of Hawaii.  Kelvin developed this tool which will show the golfer how to correctly release the club.  See video below.

This device (Impact Snap) is what I show players about the release. Supination, Flexion and Ulnar Deviation. These three facets are talked about in Homer Kelly’s The Golfing Machine. Helps maintain the Flying Wedge.

Once you develop a medium to later release you up club head speed, don’t add loft and have the need for less and less offset and closed face angle metal woods.

I have no connection to Kelvin or Marty and have found this tool to be one of the best out there.

Update.  Impact Snap is being made available thru Marty Nowicki of New York state.  The Impact Snap trainer can be purchased thru Marty’s website Impact Snap .

Impact Snap Inventor – Kelvin Miyahira

More Shaft Lean at Impact – Impact Snap