2020 Golf Grips and Re-Gripping

May 2020.  This is where golf starts and where the golfer is attached to the club.  The majority of clubs that I see daily that come in for regripping have long lost their ability to perform well.   All prices reflect removal of old tape, grip sized correctly for the individual, grips aligned correctly and new installation of the golf grip per club.  Various grip sizes are available in PURE, Star, Golf Pride, Winn and Swing Science, standard, undersize, midsize and jumbo.  Whole set discounts available.  Normal turn around times are same day to one day.  All re-gripping is done by appointment on the east side of Madison, WI.  Best way to contact me is e-mail.   

PURE Grips
Made in USA!  PHX.

PURE Wrap is a classic, perforated wrap with moderate shock absorption that gives you a more-muted feel at impact.  A soft medium tacky feel.  Available in many colors.  Contact for color availability.  $8 std./club.

PURE Pro delivers a medium tacky feel with a uniform traction groove surface thanks to PURE’s proprietary PURE Tack rubber.   One of the most durable grips in the industry.  Available in many colors.  Contact for color availability.  $8 std./club.

PURE DTX is much like cord and a firm feel grip with contrasting rough-and-tacky textures of the PURE DTX work together to provide you with a superior club connection. Available in many colors.  Contact for color availability.  $8 std./club.

PURE Putter  I always have on hand PURE Classic std. and Mid-size putter grips in color black for those golfers that need a new putter grip quickly.  Std. size 70 grams $10/installed and mid-size 83 grams $13/installed. 

Swing Science Buffed Tour Velvet

Don’t overpay for grips, use Swing Science branded products for the best value in golf!  Tour Buffed Velvet from Swing Science the buffed velvet style grip gives you the same feel and performance of the big national brands without the high price tag! Now available in a standard, mid-size and under-size option.  Logo can be installed up or down.  Std. $5.50/club, under-size $5.50/club and mid-size $5.75/club.

Swing Science Tour Buffed Velvet

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Tour Velvet The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive, state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound, non-slip surface pattern for maximum play ability, comfort, and confidence. The Tour Velvet® can be installed logo up or down.  Std. $9/club.  Mid-size $9.50/club.