Available Wishon 318RS Hybrid

The Wishon 318RS hybrid in #3 hybrid at 22 deg., #4 hybrid at 25 deg., and #5 hybrid at 28 deg.  Available fitted with Wishon S2S .335 graphite Blue 55 gram, White 70 gram, Black 75 gram and Red 80 gram hybrid shafts.  The .335 diameter hosel gets the ball airborne easier and carries for better distance and performance.

3 thoughts on “Available Wishon 318RS Hybrid”

  1. Neil–The PCF Micro Pro is a re-design of the PCF Micro Tour. With an enhanced back design for higher
    COG for solid hits, the PCF Micro Pro also features the same zero balance heel grind as its
    predecessor. This ensures that the leading edge remains low to the ground when the face is rolled
    open for finesse shots.
    The PCF Micro Pro will be available in Spring 2018, in 52° (PW), 56° (SW), and 60° (LW) in both right hand and left hand.

    The new PCF Micro Pro wedges will replace the PCF Micro Tour – please note however that the PCF Micro Tour
    will still be available in Platinum Nickel finish only, along with the Wide Sole Wedge in Brushed Satin.

    I have not heard on any SL fairway wood offerings from Wishon.

    Thanks for the inquiry.

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